Massive resignations hit Citi FMTV as all top journalists resign

Exclusive and detailed reasons for the massive resignations at Citi FM and Citi TV

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What are the exclusive reasons for the sudden yet massive resignations at one of Ghana’s finest media houses, Omni Media, owners of Citi FM and Cit TV?

Citi FM is a contemporary English-speaking radio station that targets the middle class and the elites with insightful socio-political shows like the CitiCBS, which is the flagship program of the radio station.

Citi TV is also a fully-fledged English-speaking station that was set up a few years ago to augment the strides made by the radio station and to serve a wider audience with compelling content.

However, these two national stations have become very successful based on the tireless work of some outstanding journalists who have been with the media firm since its inception and have set themselves apart.

Bernard Avle is unarguably the face of Citi FM. The success of the radio station is hinged on his excellent presenting skills, which have helped his show, the Citi Breakfast Show, become one of the most listened-to shows in the capital and beyond. He has been with the station from its inception.

Jessica Opare-Saforo is another notable name whose impeccable English-speaking abilities endeared many and also made a strong statement about the heights of excellence at the station. She made a significant contribution to changing the structure of radio and television programs as the host of Traffic Avenue.

Nathan Quao is another notable name that is easily associated with the Citi FM brand. As a sports journalist with many parts, he has served for so many years that one might think he owns a share in Omni Media.

Massive resignations hit Citi FMTV as all top journalists resign
Bernard Avle [L] Samual Attah-Mensah [R]

Other notables of the Citi FM and TV brand included Richard Dela Sky, Kojo Akoto Boateng, Vivian Kai Lokko, Apiokor Ashong-Abbey, and Kojo Nketsiah, amongst many others.

Now, why have the majority of these well-known figures opted to abruptly depart Citi FM and TV without any obvious reasons? How is it possible for over ten large personnel to abruptly leave one media outlet in a matter of months?

What are the reasons? What are the motivations? What is pushing them out? This piece of writing throws more light on the exigency of the situation at the prestigious Citi Media and why all these people, despite their long years of service, have decided to exit.

Why These Journalists Are Resigning From Citi FM and TV

The recent station turnovers have been attributed to several secondary factors in addition to the primary ones, which I shall discuss (Citi FM and TV).

According to close sources, these journalists who have left Citi FM and TV did not just decide “out of the blue.” A series of bad corporate practices, internal wranglings, and other petty misunderstandings could be blamed for their exits.

Aside from that, most of the employees do not appreciate the leadership capabilities of their leaders. Many believed most of these leaders were square pegs in round holes who could not deliver on their mandates.

Bernard Avle was viewed as a very opinionated leader who monopolized not only his show but the decision-making process at the station. Many of these employees were not happy with his ‘I-Know-It-All” demeanour and found him quite repulsive most of the time.

They were unable to confront him with their issues, offer advice on his errors, or point out the obvious. One of the station’s commanders, Vivian Kai Lokko, was observed for her evasive personality and “no-nonsense” attitude.

According to closed sources, she was amenable to the plights of the employees, lorded herself over almost everyone, and did not give equal opportunities to all.

Accusations of favouritism, nepotism, and political bias were also levelled against Samuel Atta-Mensah, who is regarded as the “father” of Citi FM and TV. Several workers think that his allegiance to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) influenced his judgment and made it impossible for him to accept alternative political viewpoints.

Sammens, as he is affectionately called, is believed to act favourably towards the likes of Bernard Avle and Vivian Kai Lokko and almost deem them untouchable.

The Citi FM and Citi TV Ownership Fued

Closed sources suggest that there is a brewing feud between Nick Amartefio, owner of Omni Media, and the managing director of Citi FM and TV, Sammens.

Sammens is of the view that since he was the one who birthed Citi TV and put all the necessary ideas into action to make it possible, he qualifies to call himself the owner of the television station.

Nick Amartefio, reportedly, does not agree with Sammens because he was the one who poached him (Sammens) from Joy FM, brought up the idea of starting a media firm, and invested money in the establishment of Citi FM.

Nicholas Amatefio is said to think that since he is the media company’s financier and bankroller, any further subsidiaries that have been established recently are his and his alone.

As a result, there has been back and forth between the two parties, making the media company an unfit environment for productive work. According to an insider report, this may have influenced these journalists’ and employees’ choice to leave the stations.

According to sources, all these journalists who have left have cautiously done so so that in case Sammens and Nick Amatefio part ways, they won’t be caught up in the crossfire.

Additionally, a deep-throated source suggests that Sammens is ready to fight for the ownership of Citi TV and has allegedly set up a media firm in which all these employees who have left will rejoin him.

Has Bernard Avle resigned from Citi FM and TV

Bernard Avle, as of now, is the face of Citi FM and TV, and his resignation will spell doom. As a result, the two feuding parties are still trying their best to keep him at the station to keep the business running.

Since these two men have been so good to him and he feels indebted to them, especially as a fresh graduate who was given a shot at radio, Bernard Avle has not yet thought of betraying their trust.

and thus has decided to stay until almost all the issues are settled for him to make a well-informed decision.

The Situation at Citi FM and TV

It’s only a matter of time before many people leave Citi FM and TV if the unwholesome environment there continues.

Sammens and Nick Amatefio will need to iron out their differences and focus on steering the Citi Ship to safety. Until then, expect more resignations in the coming weeks.

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