40 Daily Affirmations to Start You Day & To Change Your Life 

40 Daily Affirmations to Start You Day & To Change Your Life 

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Daily Affirmations are words you believe in that have the power to cause positive change in how you think and view life.

Since human beings are always a reflection of what they think, it is prudent that we know what to think about and also what to say in our lives and lives of others.

Knowing and saying the right words or affirmations could go a long way to changing the way you view life and reshaping your perspective about all the vicissitudes of life.

Affirmations help us to grow our self-esteem, believe in our potential, affect others positively and are on the brighter side of life. Saying these affirmations and believing in them will have a positive impact on your life, self-development and mental fortitude.

Are you looking for the right affirmations that could change your life and the way you think? In this very helpful article, there are 40 Afrimations you could pick from.

These are 40 daily affirmations that have the potential and power to change your day and to change your life:

1, My life is just getting started.

2, I am a spiritual person with Divine nature.

3, Everything that has happened, is happening and will happen will bring me peace and serenity.

4, My worries about the future are dissipating.

5, Today I wake up with courage in my heart and clarity in my thoughts.

6, My obstacles are moving out of the way, and I’m on my way to greatness.

7, I’m winning the battle against my illness; I’m getting better every day.

8, I exude grace, beauty, and charm.

9, My dream partner will arrive sooner than I anticipated.

10, My efforts are being backed up by the universe, and my aspirations are becoming a reality right before my eyes.

11, My future is a perfect representation of what I want to achieve.

12, Even though these are trying times for me, they are only a brief period in my life.

13, I am a force to be reckoned with; I am unbreakable.

14, Everything that is happening right now is for my ultimate benefit.

15, My confidence is soaring as I recognise my own self-worth.

16, I am fortunate to have a fantastic family and friends.

17, My peers look up to me and see my value; I am respected.

18, I’ve given up my old habits in favour of new, more positive ones today.

19, My thoughts are full of optimism, and my life is brimming with success.

20, I’m brave and I speak up for myself.

21, For my time, energy, and thoughts, I deserve to be employed and properly compensated. I’m getting closer to finding the ideal work for me every day.

22, My ability to overcome obstacles is endless, and my potential for success is limitless.

23, My Happiness is my duty and I will always create it for myself.

24, I feel a surge of creative energy that inspires me to come up with new and wonderful ideas.

25, My business entity is thriving, expanding, and growing.

26, I have the necessary qualities to be incredibly successful.

27, Every day, my marriage grows stronger, better, and more stable.

28, Spirit directs my every step, leading me to what I need to know and do.

29, My fury is washed away by a flood of compassion, which is replaced with love.

30, I forgive people who have wronged me in the past and distance myself from them in a calm manner.

31, I have a sufficient amount of talents in me, which I am beginning to use now.

32, I am superior to negative thoughts, low behaviours, and bad energy.

33, My body is in good shape, my mind is sharp, and my soul is at ease.

34, I’m bursting at the seams with energy and enthusiasm today.

35, I am the designer of my life; I lay the foundation and select the contents.

36, I am the best version of myself today.

37, Nothing will stop me from achieving my goals.

38, I will not die prematurely or be a victim of circumstances.

39, I will be accepted, honoured and welcomed everywhere I go.

40, Today, I am taking sure steps toward my financial freedom. I will have more than enough.


Continually say these affirmations, believe in them and see your life experience a whole new positive vibe and growth. If you have any affirmations about sharing, write them in the comment section below.


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