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Who is Bongo Ideas: Everything You Need To Know About Him

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Bongo Ideas (originally called Albert Nat Hyde) is an opinionated Ghanaian social media personality who largely critiques relevant issues and public figures.

With a relatively large following on social media, Bongo Ideas is regarded as one of the most controversial people around who shares his strong opinions with undiluted conviction.

Bongo Ideas is popular on almost all the major social media platforms but is predominantly active on Twitter, where it all started for him—where he tweets on issues he believes need his input.

Background of Bongo Ideas

Bongo Ideas image
Bongo Ideas 2021

Bongo Ideas was born as Albert Nat Hyde on October 21, 1997, at Tesano in Accra. He originally hails from Osu, one of the plush and advanced suburbs of Accra, and had his education and upbringing exclusively in Accra.

Bongo Ideas had his primary and junior high school (JHS) education in Accra, then proceeded to one of the best high schools in Ghana and came back to Accra to complete his tertiary education. For personal reasons, he prefers to keep the identities of schools private.

Professional Profile Of Bongo Ideas.

Bongo Ideas is a trained and qualified broadcast journalist with a strong background in public, English, classical, and literary studies. He is a word lover who values the correct correction, appreciation, and unavoidable application of the English language and literature.

Bongo Ideas currently works as a blogger, online journalist, content creator, and critic. He aspires to establish a global media brand with its core mandate being professional critiquing.

He is also trained in blogging-related areas such as SEO, S, SERPS, keyword research, monetization, social media influence, SMM, digital advertising, Google Ads, and so on.

One of the areas in which Bongo Ideas is a master is writing, which covers technical writing, creative writing, copywriting, content, etc. He undertakes freelance and remote writing jobs on platforms like UpWork, Fiverr, and LinkedIn.

Bongo Ideas has professional certifications from the University of Southampton and Google. He has worked with some of the top media firms in Ghana and owns his own blog site, bongoideas.net. Bongo Ideas has also been interviewed by a number of media houses and has played the punditry role a couple of times.

Bongo Ideas GHone
Bongo Ideas before GHone TV auditions 2021

Bongo Ideas was relatively unknown before November 2021, when he went for auditions at the studios of GhOne TV. He had gone there ostensibly to partake in a reality show dubbed “The Next TV Star.”

Things did not go as planned, as he was called out by the judges for writing some critiques about them that they found quite offensive and unacceptable. Due to that, Bongo Ideas was confronted, thrown out, and chased out of the precincts of the media house.

A video was later shared on social media by celebrated Ghanaian journalist Nana Aba Anamoah, who sort of ridiculed and made fun of Bongo Ideas, who almost wet his pants during the hot session. He tried to explain himself but choked on his words; he couldn’t articulate his ideas as clearly as he did on social media.

That particular video went viral [watch the video HERE], crossing borders, with people even making memes from it. Bongo Ideas, subsequently, narrated his side of the story on Twitter, which attracted a huge audience and a following because he writes excellently.

Bongo Ixeas with Bola Ray and Nana Aba
Bongo Ideas after meeting with Bola Ray and Nana Aba Anamoah

Thereafter, he was interviewed by radio and television stations and online, where he continued to meticulously detail how the judges ganged up against him for what he wrote about them on social media. Considering the unfair treatment meted out to him by Nana Aba Anamaoh, Bridget Otoo, and Ser Amihere, who were the judges, he successfully garnered social sympathy and had many people rooting for him.

Bongo Ideas used publicity to boost its future social media presence. His followers grew exponentially from 5K to almost 20K within two weeks. Since then, his social media presence has been getting bigger, better, and greater.

He was the top personality on Ghana’s social media in 2022 with his far-reaching tweets and opinions, which most of the time ruffled feathers and left a sour taste in the mouths of those who failed to agree with him.

Bongo Ideas’ Controversies

Bongo Ideas Twitter
Bongo Ideas 2021

Aside from being at the receiving end of a barrage of criticism and threats, Bongo Ideas remains one of the go-to social media pages for unbiased, blunt, and straightforward takes.

Bongo Ideas has deliberately or inadvertently stepped on a few toes. One of the popular ones is a comment he made about Citi FM journalist Nathan Quao’s marriage photos.

He had something deemed unpleasant to say about the woman, who according to him looked “so big and older than the man.” The comment did not go down well with netizens, who called for Bongo Ideas to be cancelled. The controversy was one of 2022’s highlights, with him hosting a space to apologize that drew over 100,000 listeners. [Full Story]

Bongo Ideas made headlines for comments he made following the tragic death of Davido’s son, Ifeanyi. He described the death as avoidable and blamed it on the artist’s recklessness.

He indicated that an investigation was launched into the cause of death and that the parents, Davido and Chioma, were made to answer questions and possibly sue for negligence.

Bongo Ideas’ comments did not sit well with netizens. After a week or two, Davido entered his DM, reacted to his comment, and asked to be blessed. OBO said he did not wish what happened to him to happen to Bongo Ideas.

The screenshots were shared, but Bongo Ideas remained adamant. He went on to organize a space for thousands to join to hear his side of the story. This issue became topical, with many calling for Bongo Ideas to be cancelled, including Reggie Rockstone. [Full Story]

Bongo Ideas also had a back-and-forth with Archipalago on Twitter which resulted in the name “MoMo Ideas”. He was called out by the musician based in the US for begging him for Mobile Money, an allegation Bongo Ideas vehemently denied. [Full Story]

Bongo Ideas has called out or had bad blood with the following celebrities or public figures: Hajia Bintu, Shatta Wale, Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, Serwaa Amihere, Bridget Otoo, Efia Odo, Sista Efia, Sam George, Reggie Rockstone, Davido, John Dumelo, Yvonne Nelson, Lydia Forson, Nana Bediako Cheddar, amongst others.

Bongo Ideas’ Recognition

Bongo Ideas was arguably the most popular Ghanaian social media personality in 2022. He has a huge following on social media while being known by millions in real life.

Almost all the celebrities and public figures in Ghana have heard, acknowledged, or recognized BVongo Ideas for his tweets and sharp comments.

The founder of Bongo Ideas has stated that he is not a fan of awards and believes that what he does is build a brand that will be formidable in the coming years.

Bongo Ideas is currently verified on Instagram.

Bongo Ideas’ Social Media Handles

These are the social media handles of Bongo Ideas:

Facebook: Albert Nat Hyde

Facebook Page: Bongo Ideas

Twitter: @BongoIdeas

Instagram: @BongoIdeas

Website: Bongoideas.net

Portfolio: BongoIdeas

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